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Unparalleled Saxophone Repairs in Edinburgh, Midlothian

Thanks to our saxophone repairs, you’re able to keep on creating beautifully sounding tunes and music. At our reputable instrument repair shop, Brass and Woodwind, in Edinburgh, Midlothian, we offer an array of professional services which help maintain your instrument’s condition. From oboes to flutes, we’re on hand to cater to your requirements.

Saxophone Repairs and Servicing

To make sure that we provide you with the best possible service, we follow a thorough procedure which enables us to fully repair and restore your saxophone. Our highly skilled team carry out:

  • Dismantle and Wash out of the Instrument – Clean out Pillars, Removal All Old Pads, Corks, and Felt
  • Remove Minor Dents, Scratches, and Oxidation
  • Straighten the Key Cups
  • Fit Keywork to Pillars – Removing All Lateral Movement
  • Fit Point Screws to Individual Keys
  • Dismantle, Clean, and Reassemble Key Rollers
  • Ultrasonically Clean All Keywork to Ensure the Highest Degree of Cleanliness
  • Re-Tension of Replace Springs (Full Spring Fits Are Charged Additionally)
  • Install New Professional Pads – Pissonie Premium Deluxe Pads
  • Re-Cork and Re-Felt Keywork with Professional-Quality Cork and Felt
  • Seat Pads and Balance Keywork
  • Tone Holes Are Precision Levelled to Ensure a Perfect Seal and to Regulate Height of Keywork
  • Saxophone is Thoroughly Tested and Played Over a Three-Day Period
  • Instrument Case is Valeted

In addition to the quality servicing that we provide, we are also able to offer custom work which is tailored to your needs. This can be:

  • Silver Plating 
  • Polishing
  • Keywork Modification
  • Key Tubing Replacement
  • Roller Replacement


At our highly regarded workshop we are proud to offer complete rebuilds and total restorations for all makes of saxophone. This includes dent removal, replacement key work making, and silver plating or lacquering.

Contact our renowned instrument repair shop today, in Edinburgh, Midlothian, to learn more about our saxophone repairs.