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First-Rate Oboe and Clarinet Repairs in Edinburgh, Midlothian

When you a play an instrument which belongs to the woodwind family, taking proper care of it is essential. At Brass and Woodwind, in Edinburgh, Midlothian, we offer oboe and clarinet repairs, alongside the servicing of flutes and brass instruments. Utilising our unrivalled services will allow you to keep playing for much longer.

Oboe and Clarinet Work

As experts in restoring an assortment of brass and woodwind instruments, you can rely on our skills and expertise. Aiming to fix your instrument as quickly as possible, we follow a meticulous process which enables us to provide a top-class service. Noted below is the way in which we operate.


  • Clean Instrument Body and Tone Holes
  • Renew Corks and Pads as Required – Aiming to Achieve a High Playing Standard
  • Oil and Regulate Instrument
  • Test


  • Strip and Clean Instrument
  • Plastic Instruments Are Washed out
  • Wooden Instruments Are Hand Cleaned and the Woodwork is Waxed
  • All Corks and Pads Are Removed
  • All Tenon Corks Are Replaced (Including the Mouthpiece if Desired)
  • Refit Keywork and Straighten Any Distorted Keys
  • Inspect and Refit All Posts and Tone Holes if Required
  • Repair and Chipped Woodwork (Cracks Will Be Advised and Can Be Repaired at an Additional Cost)
  • All Silver-Nickle-Plated Keys Are Polished and Ultrasonically Cleaned to Look Like New 
  • The Instrument is Re-Padded Using Premium Deluxe Pads
  • Keys Are Re-Corked and Refitted
  • The Keywork is Balanced and Regulated
  • The Instrument is Plated and Tested Over Three Days
  • Instrument Case Will Be Valeted


Please note that the same procedure for re-padding applies as the overhaul, however, only a wipe over on keywork and service of any corks and felts that can be retained is carried out.


  • Recork Tenon
  • Move Thumb Rest
  • Shorten Barrel
  • Sleeve Loose Tenon
  • New Tenon
  • New Tenon with Tip Ring
  • Cement and Polish Splits
  • Bush Tone Hole with Ebonite

Contact us today, in Edinburgh, Midlothian, to receive more information about our oboe and clarinet repairs.