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Unmatched Brass Repairs in Edinburgh, Midlothian

Whether your instrument is new or old, it will benefit from our expert brass repairs and cleaning services. At Brass and Woodwind, in Edinburgh, Midlothian, we’re here to offer a cost-effective, reliable solution. Thanks to our regular maintenance and expert advice, you’re able to prevent the need for more extensive and expensive work being carried out.


As most new instruments are made on production lines, they tend to suffer from lack of attention to detail in the crucial setup part of the manufacturing process. Even on more expensive models, some companies save time and cost at this important stage by assembling the whole instrument without enough care, without balancing the valves, and by using too heavy oil on the valves. Playability is vastly improved by having the instrument expertly serviced and thoroughly cleaned using ultrasound, removing any trace of grease and grime leftover by the manufactures. Your new instrument will benefit from this preparation treatment and you’ll see the difference immediately.

Your treasured instrument’s playability is gradually reduced by normal use. Very few players are able to thoroughly clean their instrument inside and out after each use, inevitably causing a build-up of grime which reduces the instrument’s playability over time. Thanks to our ultrasonic cleaning equipment, we can expertly remove all grime and deposit build-ups more effectively than you can by using brushes and soap.


To get the best possible noises coming from your brass instruments, it is important for you to have it regularly serviced by a team of expert technicians. We are able to offer:

  • Strip Down of Instruments
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Removal of Dents
  • Straighten Tubing
  • Straighten Bell Flare
  • Check Pistons for Wear
  • Check All Solder Joints
  • Replacement of All Springs and Felts
  • Balance All Pistons for Drop and Height
  • Renew Water Key Corks and Springs
  • Free Straighten and Realign Valve Slides
  • Fitting of New Bumpers if Desired


My Love is Like a Red Red Rose by WIlliam Weide Played On a Vintage Cornet
The air varie "My Love is Like a Red Red Rose" by WIlliam Weide played on a cornet made in Glasgow by Douglas & Sons around 1887. 

This is not meant to be a tour de force of cornet playing and it was not rehearsed, it’s just a sound sample of what the instrument sounds like. The photos show the state the instrument was originally in and then its partially restored state.

It was brought back into a playable state by an instrument repairer called Bryce Ferguson from Edinburgh. As you can hear the valve action has not been fixed. The valves leak a little bit and they make a lot of noise.
This instrument does not like large modern mouthpieces. If it is played on a big mouthpiece the sound is very undefined. For this recording, a small mouthpiece, the Kelly plastic 4B was used.

Contact us today, in Edinburgh, Midlothian, to receive more details about our brass repairs and cleaning services.